It's like when someone imitates someone else or does something cool after someone else already made it cool, basically saying someone is "riding the coat tails" of the person before them.
I did that already, gj coattails. Fucko.
by STFU April 2, 2003
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to increase one's reputation through connections to someone with a better reputation
He Rode his friend's coattails to get privileges otherwise reserved for Corporate executives. (example of Ride coattails)
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One who excels at the act of coattailing. A professional coattailer.
After my presentation, the coattail cowboy was trying to take credit for my work.
by MowMow February 4, 2015
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(n.) Usually male, a person who tries to leverage previous face time to sleep with or "date" someone that's been involved with a friend.
Bob only met Sarah because I was dating her, and as soon as we broke up, he asked her out. What a coattail rider.
by Inox October 17, 2006
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Any additional thank you's added to an original thank you. A coattail thank you requires less sincerity and initiative.
Boy 1: Hey Dad, thanks for buying us this yacht!

Boy 2: Yeah thanks.

Boy 1: You're stealing my thank you! That was a coattail thank you!
by J Drizzy November 4, 2011
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The act of crossing the street because someone before you has already crossed and caused traffic to stop. In effect, jay walking because someone else already has.
I rode on this guy's Jay Walking Coattails after he jumped in front of traffic and caused a 30 car pile up.
by Eager Beaver Parcel October 4, 2011
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A political candidate that gains a great deal of popularity primarily from family name, vise from receiving recognition through his or her own limited accumulative achievements within time of service. Term derived from the adage, "riding on coattails," more often in reference of a son, gaining influence by the popularity of his father, without achieving influence on his own merits.
Hopefully America has been disillioned enough from its past mistakes, and make it a bipartisan effort to refrain from having another coattail candidate from becoming the next president of the United States.
by YumiSpewns January 2, 2015
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