City of Villains
A Sequel/Expansion to the game CoH(City of Heroes).
Have you guys seen CoV yet? They updated the graphics from City of Heroes and changed around the Class types.
by JBonkerz April 12, 2006
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"cov" is an acronym which stands for: "Confirmation of Victory," it is said usually referencing that you succeeded in getting laid for the night.
person 1: Hey man, cov?

person 2: hell yeah brotha
by Alienjiz1990 April 29, 2010
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An abbreviation for Covington, GA - very close, south from Atlanta, GA
My name is B to the DOT
Comin' strait outta the COV
by B. Pulliam October 8, 2004
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A nickname given to someone with the last name Covington, it is often associated with the college football defensive end Caleb Covington.
Cov we really missed you bro. Cov you have a massive schlong.
by K'DOG December 19, 2012
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When referring to TV ratings, "Cov" is short for Coverage.

Nielsen TV ratings in particular use this abbreviation on their TV ratings reports. Used in conjunction with "HH", or Households.
The HH Cov for our show for the month of February was 0.7.
by cableguytk November 18, 2007
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Or, “Covidiocy”: the state of the world in the year of 2020 AD resulting in the pandemic known as Covid-19.

Some already existing idiots can now be referred as Cov(idiots) or Covidiots.
Cov(idiocy) has flooded every home via television set and social media feed with constant truths and untruths and only serves to instill fear, panic and division among the populace.
by Deus-ex-machina August 2, 2020
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The flu-cov vaccine protects you against both the flu and covid viruses.
by GetCovidnated April 27, 2021
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