A place between Malul Spitalului and Platou Izvor where smart people, manelisti, tigani and drug dealers are put together in the same building.
We will meet at CMC for the weed.
by matailavene123 September 10, 2019
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certified malicious chics

a group of lgbtq+ gorls that has big nut energy and talkshit about zodiac signs
Di na pa ko pwede sa cmc?

Kaya pala walang nagtatagal dito sa cmc, ang sasama ng ugali niyo.
by reaboo17 August 18, 2021
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Casi Me Cago...used instead of LOL....
No manches guey, cmc de la inche risa...
by Nancheezie December 6, 2010
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Stands for Crucial Monster Crew
probably one of the most ruthless, cutthroat crews out of the 7 cities.
Some of their maina ctivities include pwning n00bz and jammin out.
Kyle "Dude, CMC crew-date tonight, you ganna come?"
Jam "I'll deff try man, i just need to find a ride"
by jamothyIII September 15, 2008
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acronym for "cunt-muffin club", a group of 'hardcore' boys in skinny jeans and flannel button-downs who all share a common philosophy of douchiness
jeff is the king of CMC, with his constant ranting about the relationship between hardcore music and EVERYTHING
by ABSB January 6, 2010
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china motor corp.
aka company that rebadges mitsubishi.

from now
grand lancer

colt plus
eclipse cross (imported)
you like mitsubishi? you live in taiwan? then go get a cmc car
by the cooler penguin27 December 3, 2021
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