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An absolutetly gorgeous girl. She is a brown haired blue eyed beauty. She is popular, all the guys want her. Casi has an amazing drop dead gorgeous body. She spells her name incorrectly to be different, she doesn't like to follow the crowd. Shes funny and has a great sense of humor. She's a great artist but doesn't believe it. She's very creative and loves music. Always has a HOT boyfriend.
That girl over there listening to music, painting a picture, and dancing around her names got to be Casi.
by lovergirl1257 December 10, 2010
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A girl who intetionally spells her name wrong. Often quiet and does not do homework.
Has great understanding of good music.
See also friend, fun and duct tape.
Kid 1: I just met this chick who's really nice, but spells her name weird and doesn't do her homework.
Kid 2: Why is she being Casi??
by raychel January 06, 2005
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The meaning of the name Casi is Vigilant In War

The origin of the name Casi is Irish

Alternate spellings: Casey,Kasey, Kacie


A Girl who obsesses over Sesshomaru.
She cant help it because its her lifes purpose.
Girl1: hey look Sesshomaru!
Girl1:haha just kidding!
Casi: *attacks* (thus proving is Vigilant In War)
by WhAtNoW?!? June 10, 2009
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