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Clyde Donovan is a character on the hit TV show South Park. He is mostly known as the most popular boy in school for his good looks and playboy/jock attitude. He had been dubbed Bisexual, but mostly takes a liking to girls, especially Bebe Stevens.

Clyde had also been called a crybaby in many episodes, for he tends to break down in tears whenever he is slightly offended or minorly hurt.
Bebe: Clyde Donovan is such a playboy..

Clyde: A- am not.. Whaaaaa!!!
by KitKat_Kitty13 April 06, 2016
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The most popular side character in South Park having dated Bebe, Token, and others and is known for being the town's male whore. He's a crybaby overall and Craig's best friend and was the first to know about Tweek and Craig being gay for each other.
1. Clyde Donovan likes to kiss boys
2. Clyde Donovan gets slapped for kissing boys
3. Clyde Donovan cried.
by TweekingOut December 22, 2014
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Clyde is the most popular person at school in the show south park, Making an appearance in almost all episodes as a side character.

He has dated everyone from token to bebe so he is usually called a manwhore for multiple reasons.

He is also called gay even though he has clearly taken a liking to women since he reads playboy magazines and in the episode "Marjorine", Marjorine says that one of "her" hobbies is "Getting my snootch pounded on Friday night", Clyde responds with "Nice.", although he could also have been happy at how well the idea had turned out, although, judging by his tone, this was not the case.

He was shown crying in the episode Fatbeard and has been treated as a crybaby ever since.
Kyle:"Wow Clyde Donovan is such a manwhore!"
Clyde: "Shut the fuck up you stupid jew!"
Kyle:"Fuck you! manwhore!"
by .Clyde.Donovan. October 27, 2015
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