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The place to go when you want to get laid. A village of fun parties and constant life.
Lets go to Club Med I haven't gotten laid in weeks.
by G.O January 10, 2009
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where Nemer thinks he is everytime he comes into the city
Nemer: I'm hungry yo, order a pizza.
Cap: Umm, you order it, what do you think this is, Club Med?
by HumBabe March 06, 2005
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creepy group of village resorts branded as 'family friendly' vacations. in truth very tacky (think beached Carnival Cruise line) roach infested clubs who cater to the lowest common gluttonous denominator. Kiddie pools if you love pee and screaming, adult pools to prance around naked & get your all-inclusive freak on!!!
Adena: eeeeeewww there was totally like this wicked GIANT cockroach on my wall when i got home from dinner!!! OHemgee totes thought this place was sposed to be bomb dot com :(

Me: ya i wanted to get away and unwind from the pressures of life, but this place just makes me wanna kill myself! TBH i'd rather have just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express

Adena: hey, HIE was good enough for Donald Trump!

Me: omg!... epiphany. let's build a wall around Club Med, and Mexico will pay!!!

Both: hehehehehez
by Sweet Baby Lew May 17, 2016
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