To act like a clown (Ie an Idiot)
Tim "Hoes before bros, darting ADL!"
Josh " Your so fucking clowny, Robert Clowny Jr. over here
by NeedToKnowMOFO November 11, 2010
While banging a chick in the ass, grab her nose tell it turns red, before you nut, spin her around and shoot your load it into her face. Then throw a handful of confetti, making it stick to your spluge. Than walk around the room honking a horn.
I did the ultimate Clowny to that Mimi from the bar last night.
by Nacho Libre jr June 28, 2014
Clowny is a white eyed freak with freaky, long teeth who psychologically kills his victims. He usually targets teenagers. He lives on fear and the more scared you are of him, the more the chance that he will get you.

He is believed to psychologically and mentally torture his victims to the point of no return, when they lose their minds. One victim, Irwin Papadopoulos, did nothing but stare at the roof and continuously laugh. He had to be put to sleep at Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand. He was described as someone who "completely lost his mind, who stared up at the ceiling all day and laughed uncontrollably. His eyes were terrified, you could tell he didn't want to laugh, but his mouth was smiling, he just kept laughing."

The most recent victims were supposedly in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Masbate Islands in the Phillipines and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Girl 1: I think Clown's out to get me.
Girl 2: (Screams)

Guy 1: Dude, I got a missed call 3 days ago. Do you think it's Clowny?
Guy 2: Hell yeah brah, I don't want nothing to do with you no more!
by Gargle9861827172092212 August 4, 2012
People that are a mixture between Clubbers and Townies (Cl + ownies). Generally unintelligent, unambitious, and violent when drunk, which is a particularly bad thing since few of their waking hours are spent sober.
"It's almost 12:00AM, I'd better walk the dog for a bit before I go to sleep"
"I don't know if that's a good idea... at this time of night you and your dog might get raped by a bunch of drunken Clownies"
by KrysCobra August 3, 2005
Also known as Ratkids.
Refers to a small group of anti social town dwellers that dress in a way which slightly resembles that of a clown. They take other peoples unique qualitys and take them as their own, claiming to be "scene kids" when that just proves that they are stealing other peoples scenes and identities.

How to spot them:
They usually flock around public family places such as; clock towers, parks, shopping centers, toyshops, canals and drive the nice familys away.

They love cheap hair dye, cheap cider, cheap ciggarettes and basically anything cheap.

They also infest social networking sites such as myspace, facebook and bebo usuing what they deem to be clever names that involve aliteration or rhymes (some dont have any of these and are just stupid)...Here are examples of names

ChloeCalamaty/CLOHOE/ChloeChaos. (This specimen kept changing her name to more rediculous phrases)






The list goes on
Normal person has just bought a nice fitted jacket but then encounters some clownies

CLOWNIE: where'd you get that from? some scum shop? its horrible

Normal person:
no i got it from camden market

Next day:
whered you get that jacket from?

Camden market, now give me some cider Clohoe and we'll go drive a nice family out of a public park so we can anal.
by Olihime May 5, 2009
Its an adjective used to desribe someone/something that has done something so wrong so bad you didnt know whether to call them a clown or down

It is a mixture of downie and clown. Since mong became offensive this became a common term within my comments of multiple accounts mocking freaks. This is a fresh word used in many situation.
“how did u fail that test u clownie
*someone fucked it* “omg you’re clownie”
“What a bunch of clownies
by discoyellowfish January 27, 2021
Neighborhood in Providence, RI off of Broad Street. Dont go there late at night....
Heads in clown town mess wit u for no reason
by Ruthless G April 15, 2005