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A Scottish term for a cloth, rag, or piece of clothing.
Where I grew up this was generally used to describe a damp dishcloth.
It is also where a clootie dumpling (a traditional Scottish fruit dumpling made by tying the ingredients up in a cloth and boiling them) gets its name.
Here lad, how did ye get so manky! I telt you no to bury yer hale heed in the puddin, away grab a cloot from the sink and wipe yer puss afore the dug does it for ye
by ram5ay March 01, 2011
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What you're supposed to yell when you see someone fucking a car muffler
"Dude, look over there in that parking lot!"

"Eew, Cloots!"
by The Scav Man April 01, 2009
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A rag used to wipe your arse.

While it may appear to be a slightly distasteful but necessary choice to make in a desperate situation, cloots in fact are regularly the preferred method of wiping in Nort-Eastern Scotland due to the relative inexpense versus toilet paper. In posher households each family member will have their own cloot instead of the more traditional communal version.

The word cloot itself is simply a varient of cloth.
Like any boy fae Aberdeen, Bertie's Maw had taught him from an early age the importance of carrying his own cloot at all times.
by Craig McLaughlin April 10, 2007
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cloot- is the name for a girls inflamed clit after a guy pulls out and hits her clit with his cock
fucking a girl in the pussy before youre about to blow pull out slap her clit with your dick then cum on it causing her clit to sweel up like a black eye causing a cloot
by clootmaster May 20, 2010
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