A moron, someone who cannot do anything right.
You clod! You couldn't even wash your hands after you took a dump!
by xXPussyAnihilatorXx July 19, 2018
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Stands for clunge of the Day.

A clod is a particulaly fat, ugly and unnattractive person, the worst you have seen that day.

Clod points can be gained by kissing and/or sleeping with them.
"Wow check out that clod! If i got with her I'd get 3 clod points"
by Stevel Knievel April 15, 2009
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That clod would make a cow laugh with that dumb answer!
by talk2me-JCH April 28, 2021
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1. A hardened mass of dirt.
2. A person who would have to learn ettiquette just to elevate himself to the title of hardened mass of dirt.
3. A popular French given name.
It hasn't rained in weeks, look at all those clods!

Some clod sped through the puddle and splashed mud all over my suit!

Clod DeBussy was a good composer!
by Malcolm X-crement December 27, 2003
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Meaning 'little cute bestie' in a unique vocabulary
You are my clod <3
by Marshmellooooow February 10, 2018
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