A roundy is cat who knows his way around his city. Knows the people, the hot spots, the ballers, the hustlers, the tricks, everything. Typically a natural-born leader for his crew, people come to him for advice and to get questions answered.
"Yo, I'm new to these parts. Where's the best sub shop?"
"Ask that kid Felix over there, he's a real roundy."
by KingFelix September 14, 2006
A slang term for an 80mg pill of Oxycontin or oxycodone.
My friend and I just stole a roundy from my grandpa's medicine cabinet!
by Kevins Deli January 21, 2009
a luscious rearend or posterior that is round or spherical in shape
i want to tongue her roundy
by marlonmachine March 30, 2009
Roundy is a slur used to describe a person who is overweight.
by webbedfeethead March 14, 2007
A circle jerk in excess of twenty five people, with an adorable puppy in the center cleaning up "the mess". This will eventually emotionally scar the adorable puppy.
A chathlic high school had there 7th annual roundy roundy.
by jello132 March 9, 2015
Fat chicks. Mostly found in the clubs in herds.
Dude, I got wasted and fucked a nice roundie specimen.
by TJ Summers April 29, 2004
What you get when your lady gives you a blowjob while at the carnival on the ferris wheel. She better work quick because you only have one round to get off.
All it took for Jim to get a roundie was slipping the bearded lady an extra 5 and inviting her to the ferris wheel.
by Us 3 Wolves March 19, 2011