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A roundy is cat who knows his way around his city. Knows the people, the hot spots, the ballers, the hustlers, the tricks, everything. Typically a natural-born leader for his crew, people come to him for advice and to get questions answered.
"Yo, I'm new to these parts. Where's the best sub shop?"
"Ask that kid Felix over there, he's a real roundy."
by KingFelix September 14, 2006
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An overweight woman who may or may not be Latina who blocks grocery store aisles. She usually has 4 or 5 kids swarming around her taking up physical and metaphysical space. The word "roundy" comes from the fact that you have to walk around her. She lacks the emotional and cultural awareness to not obstruct confined spaces.
"Mom! Can we go down the cereal aisle?"

"Not til the roundy leaves, honey."
by The Scientific Method October 20, 2019
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verb: to buy or use things that are less costly, sacrificing quality, to use things to the very last drop. When roundy'sing, one usually saves 32 cents on average.
Dane really Roundy's ed the shit out of his yogurt when he scraped the bottom of the container 17 extra times.
by The Kid3 April 13, 2008
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Slang term used for Ecstasy and other similar pills. Can also be called rounds or round ones
Chuck: Hey mate. You got the roundies?
Jonny: Fukn oath.
Chuck: Awesome.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 28, 2010
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