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plural: clockblockers

1. a fan of the time traveling, history-saving, award-winning, tv show, Timeless.
"Never underestimate the will of a Clockblocker."
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by redmattersite August 04, 2018
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One who tends to cockblock others around him in a consistent manner. Much as a clock will never fail to tick, such does this person never fail to cockblock.
Man : Hey, want to go to my house and watch a movie or something?
Girl: Umm, yeah sure let's go righ-
Clockblocker: Yo you baggin it up?
Man: Yo stop being such a clockblocker.
by antlerskettering November 28, 2009
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A person at the workplace that is taking too long at the punch clock, and blocks you from punching in on time.
Damn, I would have been on time, but Julio, had me blocked at the punch clock. That clock blocker!
by Mr. Quackens November 15, 2013
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When your late to work and there is the ONE coworker who insists on making small talk when all you want to do is clock in!!!
Oh no it’s Sarah...she likes to make small talk even though your late and just NEED to clock in...meanwhile I just saw her yesterday!!

I know she’s such a Clockblocker!!
by KP_JP_210 July 21, 2019
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A clockblocker is when your waiting for a certain time on your phone but your friend grabs your phone and uses it so you don’t know what time it is
Samantha was waiting for it to be 12:00 am but her friend Emma used her phone without her permission. clockblocker is a person who blocks clocks kind of like a cockblocker
by Smoremallow September 28, 2018
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