( Noun) - A Person that acts as looks as and daily routines persist of clown behavior
This dude is a Clizzy , why would he call me non private trying to prank call me
by John McGee September 24, 2019
"Clizzy" is the ship name between close friends Clarissa Fairchild and Isabelle Lightwood in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare.
Person 1: "OMG there goes Clary and Izzy! Clary just sliced a demon in half while Iz stood on another's head with her heeled boots."
Person 2: "Clizzy is back at is again, slaying all existence."
by Clary Herondale August 15, 2016
Person 1: I want some fucking clizzy tonight
Person 2: hell yea call bre for the team
by tBaby99 July 1, 2019
A person who is fuckin' up. Off the ball. Not being smooth rn.
"I think I just pulled a clizzy and lost my phone."
"Man I just clizzied and drove past that cop speeding."
by Mangoseed January 2, 2016
Short-form slang word for an expensive designer jacket, specifically Moncler jackets.

Originated in Boston, popularized by meme-rapper Joeyy.

Moncler is an italian high-end luxury fashion brand, they specialize in vests and jackets.
Damnn check that clizzy that Joeyy got on, that's atleast 10 racks right there... the Gielas looking sick too
by z123456mer December 19, 2022
(Noun) Another word for cap, meaning a lie or mistruth.
by SnacThatSmilesBac September 24, 2020
A place where kats go to get illustious
Sean- "Yo B, that clizzy was unreal!"
Brendan - "You have know idea how illustious I feel right now"
by bunk dizzle January 31, 2005