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Where a woman has a clitoris that hangs out over their meat curtains
Monti: I was munching this hoe's clam flesh when the giant clithanger nearly suffocated me to death.
Shanza: Ohh man that is the worst... I nearly suffocated when I came out my mums womb because of her everest-like clithanger.
by The Clyde October 16, 2012
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When a guy is hanging out with 5 girls in a room with a bunkbed, and all concerned feel in the mood for some fun, and want an orgy. so as to avoid exclusion, the clit hanger was born. Two girls kneel over on the top bunk, one on the bottom bunk, and the other two lying face up underneath the bunk. the guy then enters the the middle girl with his mister, the two upper girls with his hands - he needs to hold tight tho so he doesnt fall and hurt himself - and into the bottom two with his feet, as though he were putting on slippers. He then must pleasure all five without touching the ground.
Dude i stayed in a hostle over the weekend but the TV broke so we just had a Clit Hanger.
by maxman93 November 03, 2010
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When a girl is right on the verge of a orgasm and her partner or device stops
Since my boyfriend's been out of town I've been using up a lot of batteries in my vibrator. Last night the last set died just as I was about to cum and I was left on a clithanger.
by LG Webstar March 07, 2015
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When a woman's orgasm is in suspense or delayed.
Last night, my boyfriend left me with a total clithanger when he received an important call in the middle of licking my pussy.
by The Habernator January 27, 2010
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When you're having sex with a girl and you stop just before she's about to cum, leaving her there in a state of cumming and not cumming limbo
"Yo dude I totally left Stacy on a clithanger last night and she broke up with me this morning"
"No way bro, I did the same thing to Jessica last week, it really pisses them off "

"Omg Jessica Jordan totally left me on a clithanger last night, what a prick!!"
by qwertyuiopia October 29, 2017
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