A word old-timers use to refer to the local town jail.
The other day, Pappy told me the story about being arrested after shooting off flares on the Fourth of July. "Them cops came and carried me right off to the clinker," he said.
by georgemrns08 February 11, 2015
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Hardened excrement sticking to anal hair. Particularly problematic for long-haired animals.
Get the comb, our cat has clinkers again!
by Anonymous April 18, 2003
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A small peice of shit that is attacted to a anus hair, commonly called a "Dingle Berry"
by Anonymous May 8, 2003
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Faece (shit) that drys on the hair around the anal region, resulting in crusty brown shit crumbs.
When he Lisa bent over, Rachelle could see her clinker.
by green September 10, 2003
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(n) 1. The incombustible residue, fused into an irregular lump, that remains after the combustion of coal.
2. A partially vitrified brick or a mass of bricks fused together.
3. An extremely hard burned brick.
4. Vitrified matter expelled by a volcano.
5. Slang.
A sour note in a musical performance: hit a clinker.
A mistake; a blunder.
Something of inferior quality; a conspicuous failure: a clinker of a show.
6. Chiefly British. Something admirable or first-rate.
Ouch! I just got hit in the head with a clinker!
by Fatguyinalittlecoat December 2, 2004
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