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The thinnest part of the shaft of the penis that often chafes after excessive masturbation.
"Shit, I jacked off three times today and my clim ripped."

"She grabbed me by the skin of my clim and showed me the time of my life."
by Fart Monster43 February 10, 2012
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A Pronounceable version of CLM, a "Career Limiting Move", or a "Career Limiting Maneuver". A momentary mistake that may have cost you a better life.
Showing up drunk at the office party and photo-copying my dick was a serious CLiM at that job.
by Mark VZ November 23, 2006
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Clim is another word for cum.
"That guy climmed all over my face"

"He shot off a wad of clim and it hit the wall"
by Frantastic August 21, 2005
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A apparatus that stretches out the penis.
Hey I think i'm going to use the Clim today.

YO my gym has a new Clim machine, I think i'ma check it out
by CLIM June 03, 2015
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Cat Lady In Making. A girl who decorates and wears cat stuff and Hello Kitty items. She has multiple stuffed animals and may already have acquired one or more stray cats. Her furniture is already scratched from cats and she has a cat box in her bathroom. They tend to wear large sweatshirts and have begun to isolate themselves from too much human contact.
I didn't realize Stacy has become a CLIM. She just adopted 2 new kittens and showed up at the dinner party with a weird cat sweater.
by Ourmanflint1 June 22, 2011
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A derogatory term for a person who people find irritating because of their views, attitudes or general demeanor.
Clare people are climbs because they never stop talking about Davy Fitzgearld even though they are a football county at this stage.
by TrollUsername October 04, 2016
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