Describing someone smart,intelligent or witty
opposite of dumb
''man he's really clever!''
by sweet jesus October 8, 2006
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Noun. An act of cleverness to get out of a bad situation.
Anon did a clever when he stabbed his arm when pulled over by the cops for drunk driving.
by AllIsernamesTkn October 11, 2017
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The phrase " Be Clever " comes from the turkish phrase " Akilli ol " which literally does mean be clever. Although be clever does not make grammatical sense in the english language, it is shouted regularly by angry turks when they are trying to tell someone to shut the fuck up or just stop being a bitch.
Kanadali Esek: "everyone is a bitch grow some balls"
by TamerTurkKibris July 3, 2011
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Noob: So guys, what are you doing today?

Bro: Your mom.

Troll: Herp, bro you're cleverity is showing, derp.
by Anjo Banjo January 21, 2011
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Witty, sharp, and quick.

This word is often used when one can't top a friend's joke or comeback.
Henrietta: A thought just crossed my mind...

Bennifer: It must've been a long and lonely journey.

Henrietta (sarcastically): Clever.
by Fourhand451 September 13, 2010
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A person so smart that behaves foolishly as a consequence of his cleverness!
That guy is so cleverful... always getting in dumb situations because of his smart mouth.
by 0cano June 13, 2017
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