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To come in between; to unintentionally block or seemingly intercept another person's carnal goal; particularly useful in love triangle situations
Mr. Choi thought he'd have a nice, low-key date with Ms. Lee, only to have Mr. Cho come and clee the whole set-up. Mr. Choi was visibly frustrated by Mr. Cho's acting of cleeing, but made his best effort to appear nonchalant.
by Sad Mr. Choi June 07, 2011
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A man with a very large penis in which attracting girls, athletic, smart, and kickass at times.
*Girl Info Unkown*
The usaul term for a weapon in medevil time period.
Wow im such a Clee
*Girl Info Unkown*
by Jacked Offness May 20, 2008
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A Clee is a women with a very small clitoris or a man with a very small penis.
She was such a clee that when i went down on her i couldn't even find her yummy bud.
by silodawg December 31, 2005
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1. A word used to insult without being offensive
2. A word used to describe a situation in which no other word would fit.
3. A word used to name a person/thing for which no other name is given.
John called me a clee for taking the last peice of pizza.
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006
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A pimp ass nigga that gets crunk as shiet at Sophia's Thai Kitchen and his friends chaunce out on him and he has to spend the night typing this shiet.
by Clee March 11, 2004
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To lose one's balls by having them shrivel up and fall off due to super gay activities like making earrings and drinking strawberry daquiris when Mojitos and Guinness are readily available.
Johnny noticed he CLee'd himself when he accidentally checked out a guy in the shower at 24 hour nautilus.
by your mom March 16, 2005
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A sticky and moist substance found in the rainforest. Usually found on leaves and on mushrooms. Batteries not included was a good movie.
"Look at the Clee!"
by Browndown August 10, 2003
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