4 definitions by Austin Kennedy

A Widely excepted medical condition found in 95% of the worlds males between 14 and 40.
When a teenager jacks off in excess of 4 times and explores more than 250 porn sites in one day.
"look at those horny teenagers"
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006
A word used by large food corporations to decieve old/fat women and men into believing their product is actually remotely healthy.
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006
1. A word used to insult without being offensive
2. A word used to describe a situation in which no other word would fit.
3. A word used to name a person/thing for which no other name is given.
John called me a clee for taking the last peice of pizza.
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006
A race attempted by a loarge assortment of idiots who lack the coordination or ability to use the basic skill of running in a real sport. Instead they decide to run for hours on end for no apparent reason. Marathons are oftenly described as "fun" by these morons for reasons unknown to the sane part of society. These retards also enjoy the loss of the ability to walk, run, move, fuck, for the 2 days following the Marathon.
Bob: "I'm running the boston Marathon "Jim"
Jim: "How long is it Bob"
Bob: "40 miles"
Jim: "Your a retard Jim"
by Austin Kennedy July 19, 2006