An expression of support and love used to encourage positive or extreme behavior
Friend A: I just found 20$ outside!
Friend B: Cleave
by Best-tyjohn2002 June 15, 2019
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Stick a caramel drenched churro into a woman's vagina. Remove the churro and insert a man's penis into the now caramel-filled vagina. Dip the churro back into the caramel sauce and insert it into the woman's anus. Continue fucking both of the woman's holes until both parties climax. The man then pulls out his caramelised dual-cum covered cock and the woman licks it clean.
J: "What are Claire and Steve doing in the back room?"
P: "She grabbed the caramel sauce, so they must be cleaving"
J: "Oh man I love it when my woman gives me the cleave"
by Juanana January 23, 2014
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The guy said he took a headshot of that girl, but damn, he mostly got cleave!
by Skebs March 31, 2010
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The vertical length of a woman's vaginal opening.
I could fit my entire head inside of Mandy's enormous cleave.
by Frankenworf December 14, 2011
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To pass out because of a major rack or cleavage.
Dude, I saw that chick's cleavage and I cleaved.
by Jesus of Boobs July 9, 2011
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Used in context when a girl wears a low-cut top to show off her cleavage. Also a double entendre due the double meaning of the word "drop". As in "drop" the f-bomb or "drop" her top.
Man, did you see Kelly today??? She really dropped a cleave!
by Asskickexpert January 28, 2011
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Short for cleavage. Usually used by young females.
Miranda is notorious for showing off copious amounts of cleav.
by ThaBigCheesy September 30, 2010
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