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The original 4 Pamphleteers (or 4P's as they're better known) set up this club after the recent pamphlet outbreak that occured on the weekend of the 11th August within the catchment of London.

It is a place where people can come together and discover the power of the pamphlet to change their lives in so many ways... The may be small books but they have BIG ideas.
"The pamphleteer club introduced me to small informative publications with exactly the perfect ammount of information on the dangers of eating dry brown bread with an equally dry mouth, i will be forever grateful... power to the pamphlet" (anon, London catchment)
by Phil Watkinson August 15, 2007

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The act of inserting fingers (or claws) into a vagina and viciously clawing/scraping away until climax is reached (or bleeding).
recommended use in conjunction with wolfbagging, small household pets or whilst stroking your cookie nipples.
Elv: 'i was absolutely ball-bagged last night and got my digits stuck up this right sort
Fun: 'U give her a good clawing?? u bad cat'
Elv: 'yep, clawed her off a treat'
by Phil Watkinson October 04, 2007

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