Nipples that now resemble clangers noses through constantly being ruined.
She has clangers but at least they ain't slug nipples yet
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 15, 2020
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Affectionate term often used to describe ones testicles.
Maybe due to the noise they make ?
I don't know how Martin managed to talk with his mouth full of clangers.
by Jukes August 5, 2005
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Fecal matter that sticks to butt hairs and hang about.
James doesn't wipe his arse properly, He's got Clangers!
by MastaTea June 12, 2015
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"Clangers" are two different things.

One is a 70's BBC children show where a family of Clangers lived on small moon with the soup dragon, the iron chicken and the froglets et al. When they spoke, they sounded like someone playing a swanee whistle. They ate blue string pudding.

The second definition is that one has made a mistake and "dropped a clanger". This is Cockney, not Mockney by the way.
Example one:
Auntie Clanger: WoOowowowoOwOOOowoOOwooo wooo OOoo?
Baby Clanger: OoO.
Other Clangers: OOOOoooo.

Example two:
Bloke 1: Shit.
Bloke 2: What?
Bloke 1: Forgot the whife's birthday.
Bloke 2: Dropped a right fucking clanger there, mate.
by flatster January 19, 2008
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Kane Cornes had 2 clangers today when he kicked the ball out of bounds and then passed to an opposition player
by 733-539@ April 25, 2006
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A joke that dies terribly. Particularly if the person making it expected a big laugh, and got silence.
"Dave's told a real clanger about a dyslexic mormon, but Joe saved the day with his shopping bit.
by Mike MacCana June 10, 2005
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Mr Holmes when entering the glow of the freshly painted set unzipped his fly for the fluffer and stated triumphantly, "'Ere lass, wrap your laughing gear around my unfurled and twitching clanger if you will.
by Noa Utos June 24, 2011
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