Has multiple functions, most often heard in Coastal Southern California (between Santa Barbara and San Diego).

A) Predominantly used by males in describing attractive members of the opposite sex. Usually used in reference to a girl one is interested in, is in a relationship with.

B) Used in asking about another's situation - most often as it pertains to the opposite sex, but can also be used in asking how one is doing in general.
A) There were so many claims at the beach today, I had to lay out face down.

B) I'm going up to LA on Saturday Night. What's your claim?
by Lebruf May 10, 2007
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the act when someone comments a picture on myspace or facebook and they say claim. the person must now put in their picture name *the persons name* owns. or if someone says a comment and someone says i claim.they OWN that comment.
person 1- *looks at cool/good/hot myspace/facebook photo and they comment* cool/good/hot photo. I CLAIM.
person 2- oh shit i hate that guy, but he claimed it. so i must put it in the name FUCK.
by tommurphyisthebest June 15, 2009
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a claim is something people use to bully other people e.g when someone gets claimed on someone might pick something out about them and use it against them
(liverpool slang)
"got any claims on brogan?" "she looks like a gorilla"
by L25imm May 28, 2017
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Claiming is to proceed to hump the shit out of someone as an act of marking territory.
The defensive end claimed the shit out of the quarterback before running off the field.
by Big Rob October 30, 2004
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sup, i claim red ::PURO N0RTE::

yo i claim blue
by SHIZZLE February 14, 2005
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To be the first guy to cum down a girls throat. She must swallow or it won't count. The first guy who does this claims the girl forever, even if they break up or another guy splooges down her throat.
1: Hey David, Julia is single now why don't you hit her up?
2: Nah man Brad already claimed her.

1: Marcos have you claimed your girlfriend yet?
2: Not yet I'm thinking about just shooting it in her mouth real quick to get it over with.

1: Aren't you jealous your ex blew me?
2: HAHA no I'm laughing because I already claimed her!
by Ravenoftheriver May 31, 2015
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