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Better known as "Shitrix", this thin client system lags like you wouldn't believe, and loses your data and locks your session if your program crashes. Which it does. Frequently. Can't even run the same program twice.

You often have to wait up to 10 seconds for keypresses to register when connected to the servers.
"I've got a crashed session on Citrix. Need admin to close it for me."

"'Shitrix' is lame, I want a proper system."
by A Ginger Ned February 26, 2005
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N. A crappy system that serves Microsoft Windows, usually 2000, to thin clients;with client, a Citrix client is served to by a Citrix server.
Adj. crappy, very slow, laggy, beneficial if removed. (usually defines computers)
Citrix just crashed.
My Ctrix account has been loading for hours.
To type in Citrix, make sure that your type-ahead buffer is large enough. The lag is just that bad.
by Anonymous May 10, 2004
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Citrix is a well established application and virtualization company. While it may get bad reviews, these come from fuck boys or people who cant come to terms with the fact that maybe the applications they are hosting just suck. Those same people don't understand the technology and are looking for someone else to blame instead of fixing their shitty code.
Hey John... My Citrix Session just locked up again.... Why is Citrix such a piece of shit?

Well Chad... Have you ever considered your application is frozen because the application you picked and forced us to host is a piece of garbage you low level fuck boy.

Chris screams in the background.. Citrix Fo Life!!!!!
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by usemorenukes February 12, 2018
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