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Citlaly is Aztec for goddess of the stars. Citlaly's are very popular and very smart. They get a lot of attention and are often being chased after boys because of they beauty. They have a lot of friends , but they also have haterz because they are jealous of her. Damn.....I wish I could be a citlaly that way I could be the one getting chased after boys and be popular and not be called a geek because of my smartness.
E:I like citlaly

B :me too she's hot

M: to bad she's mine
by Emilyisbae January 24, 2016
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Citlaly is the name of the goddess of the stars. Citlalys are derpy, reliable, funny, and radiate with positivity.
Person A: Citlaly is so nice.

Person B: Yeah, she is.
by NameTrash April 20, 2018
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Citlaly is a aztec for a goddess of the stars. Girls with the name of Citlaly get what they want cause of there big eyes.
Citlaly has alot of haters cuz she gets attion. Guyz like but dont like her, cuz shez a smartass . She dislikes a kind of girl who is 2 conseedid . Shez also funny and meen.

she doesn't like her parents cuz they dont care about her thatz why she is such a bitch 2 them
citlaly uh.......................S H E Z A H O T B I T C H
by me,myself,nI July 03, 2009
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Citlaly means star or the goddess of stars, her name is so beautiful it stands out to her friends. She shines bright to the crowd and a lot of people pay attention to her cause she has a hand full to say that would make your day. A Citlaly is a one of a kind, she is funny, hot, sexy and she can be thicc! So if you ever meet a Citlaly make sure to not piss her of 😂
Guy: Citlaly is such a amazing person
Hater: no she isn’t she is such a bad person
Guy: no actually a stupid dumb ho with no brain cells like you wouldn’t understand what if a person she is.
by Citlalyy March 11, 2019
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