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It's a term used for unregulated Sewer oil. Sewer oil barons benefit greatly from the ease of collecting this oil in urban zones. Oil buoyancy pushes it to the surface where the oil is easily collected by legit tax paying refineries. However, unregulated Sewer oil merchants don't pay the Chinese govt Taxes, so these outlaws are stuck with the unfavorable Gutter Oil label.

The first documented report of unregulated sewer oil was in the 1960s, where sewer oil was exported from Japan to Taiwan and then used in food processing.

Most sewer oil is properly refined today and poses no health risk to consumers.
Bernard: Joe was that you in the noodles joint? I thought you were going healthy?

Joe: You mean Kuishimbo? Its a dandy restaurant that serves healthy food

Bernard: Like it or not, they serve overpriced cheap noodles, sugar, lowest quality rice/meat & refined Gutter Oil

Joe: I never heard of the Gutter Oil before, Are you sure about that?

Bernard: All cooking oil merchants use cheap Chinese fillers to cut their oils, those usually contain refined Gutter Oil

Joe: That is illegal

Bernard: Gutter Oil Corporations pay all their taxes, so its 100% legal.

Joe: Damn it everything is a Scam

Bernard: As a citizen/peasant you are expected to pay dearly for everything...
by Felix Jabs Arnold January 9, 2019
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A peasant originally a term used to describe an agricultural laborer, usually those living in Medieval Europe under feudalism. Peasants were predominant in the European interior, in contrast to Roman & Semitic societies, where slaves were more common & generally held a better living standard than peasants.

The main difference between a Slave and Peasant is Freedom

A peasant is given Freedom to:
- Pay Taxes to the governing Elites
- Be responsible for his living expenses (pay rent, buy food)
- Die in wars when the Elites of his nation are involved in a conflict
- Respect the borders drawn by the agreement of the world governing Elites
- Be proud of his flag, language, religion, culture & superiority to other peasants
Bernard: We have to make sure we divide miscible peasants and corral immiscible peasants

Joe: Being a peasant sucks...I want to be an Elite

Bernard: Its not that easy Joe, we have to deal with the problems of Billions of peasants. Unlike a peasant our lives don't revolve around family & feelings.

Joe: GOD is my savior, hell with you!

Bernard: We taught you to believe in GOD, its the best way to subjugate a peasant...Don't worry a lot, catch the game today, I have money on it

Joe: Really, how much?!
by Felix Jabs Arnold August 1, 2018
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A subjugated human, that was assigned a serial number at birth.
Bernard: Without a serial number you are the enemy of every state on the Governed Planet

Joe: I disagree, I was taught that Citizen is a good thing

Bernard: Yes its good, citizenship is the fundamental fulcrum of governing humans

Joe: GOD is my savior
by Felix Jabs Arnold August 1, 2018
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Elites are a small group of people who hold a disproportionate amount of control over the livelihood of the rest of biological species. The Elites themselves are tuned by a very small group of Key Players, those key players are the core of an intricate set of overlapping political, economic & military Elite circles.

In the Paleolithic age Elites were simply the dominant Alpha male leaders, those early Elites outlawed human incest, by this the Alpha male leader ensured public approval everytime the he decided to gain access to the daughters of Beta male peasants. As a result of undermining Beta Male patriarchs via new laws, more power transferred to lawmaking Elite Alpha Male.

The Sumerian city state culture was the most formidable counter-elite form of self-rule. This remained the case until Sargon of Akkad managed to subdue Sumer, Sargon first tactic was using cultural divide between Akkadian peasants & Sumerian peasants. However, Sargon long-term strategy was sharing power with Elites who sided with him vs the peasants. During Sargon 50 years of rule he built a network of Political-Economic-Military Multi-Ethnic alliances, Elites remained loyal to Sargon because they seeked the backup of the Akkadian Empire to intimidate their local peasants. When Sargon died, other Elites made it their purpose to match the greatness of Sargon, this greatness is measured by the extent of Law, Order & Taxation imposed on the Governed Citizens
Joe: Not true, To be Elite all you need is; Wealth, Health, Love & Happiness

Bernard: I see, are you subscribed to that popular Motivational talk program

Joe: uhh, I kinda wanted to keep it a secret, but the Tai Lopez 67 steps program helped me see the world in a better way

Bernard: Yeah, Tai Lopez transcended into an Elite. He has a lot of paying believers & he did help some Peasants increase their taxable income

Joe: I don't like the undertone in that response. Enjoy your bowl of nuts. I was just trying to get you in, Simple Simon Shit...But Okay. Enjoy ruining the world
by Felix Jabs Arnold December 28, 2018
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Emotional tampons are a subculture within the wider Simp culture, they are distinguished by be being more emotionally soaked with their current cheating GF or Ex problems, while she is using her positive sexual energy for another Male.
Dude stop being an emotional Tampon for that Hoe, you already paid the fare...Why the fuck do you allow her to bother you
by Felix Jabs Arnold September 27, 2017
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