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Cira can be a lovely girl with a good sense of hunour. You will see her with brown eyes and natural brown hair. She's often very helpful to her mates and all the boys eye her up. Her personality good make you her best friend within in seconds. She may have low self - esteem but should not as she is very beautiful.
" Cira is so friendly!"
" Cira really helped me earlier"
by be happy ((: June 08, 2018
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a popular bitch who is a fucked up whore.
"Yo, that girl Cira was all over you last night."

"Yeah, she's a slut."
by ciwabear May 31, 2018
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Cira is a stunning girl with a big booty and long hair and really nice to people loves sport has a really good friendships with her friends she has a soft spot in her heart for peope she’s so caring for her friends
Cira will find best friends that’s no1 cares what she does/looks like
by Lucky star November 04, 2018
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