A name that means "sky" or "heaven" in Spanish.
Girls with this name are usually moody but with a great personality, feels lonely yet is surrounded by amazing people, feels ugly but really beautiful. Although be careful, a girl named Cielo is difficult to handle and a responsibility on its own already.

If you know a Cielo, don't break her heart and lose her trust, keep her.
"Dude... Cielo is so difficult to understand"

"Well, she is a Cielo after all"
by dreidreiii April 27, 2020
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She's smart and cares for the people around her and she's also very funny she a skinny lil bitch she still shaking ass
Guy1 -Look at that skinny lil bitch shaking her ass

Guy2 -My dude TAHTS cielo
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According to myth, a cielo is a cute cyclops in the sky who loves yellow cows. The legendary cielo loves jumping off roofs, petting zoos, flowers, dreams great music, and anything yellow; they also say "Yee, doggy!" She's a charming ass that can charm the hell out of anyone's ass with her beauty and one-of-a-kind personality. Once you have yourself a cielo, you'll never want to lose her. You'll fall in love.
"Dude, today I met the best girl ever!"
"Hotdamn, sounds like you caught yourself a cielo!"
by AtticusD June 12, 2007
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1. Literal translation - "the sky" in Spanish.

2. The second full-length album by the band dredg.
"dredg is the most fucking amazing band ever...
with leitmotif, el cielo, and catch without arms who needs pot?"
by craig. August 12, 2006
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