Ciarán Carlin is a british YouTuber who makes commentary style videos (and reddit videos).

He is popular for 90 + 1 Facts, FootballDaily , Being in a WillNE & Memeulous video.

He is a lookalike of Andy Serkis and The WWE Superstar , Finn Bálor.
"Ciarán Carlin is hilarious!"

"Ciarán Carlin has a beautiful lisp"
by saniel124 May 26, 2020
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A guy who has loads of girls chasing him but is a pussio when it comes to sealing the deal
That guy has all the clunge chasing him but never does anything about it, he's such a ciarán O'Donnell
by Miteshc May 10, 2020
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Be banged my mom and she accidentally called him monster cock ciarán on front of me
by Barrysbaff July 23, 2020
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A person that nobody likes and has dark humour
Ciarán is so strange
by Eiejdbdjdjdhd November 5, 2020
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When you have a below average height teen smoke enough weed to make you and your friends high from hearing him talk
I was with kevin today and I swear everybody was past the point of Ciarán Dawson
by Kevin Sucks Cock October 23, 2015
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