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Cianan is a totally good-looking person who's shy at the beginning but really crazy and assertive once you get to know him. He never says no to hanging out with his friends. He is completely reliable and can be easily trusted, he bottles up his feelings most of the time so expect to be hurt when you get into a fight. He knows about second chances but doesn't really use it often because he just doesn't think that everyone deserves them. He is extremely smart and can beat you in a game of chess. He has a passion for music and energy drinks so it wouldn't be surprising if he has a collection of empty cans/bottles. Once you ruin his good opinion on you, it becomes difficult to regain that, so don't play with his feelings because he's been through enough.
Girl 1: see that cute guy there?
Girl 2: yea?
Girl 1: he's a Cianan.
by MerlinMcPhee June 21, 2012
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