This is an Old English term used by Tolkien to mean an unlikable, rude person. Oddly enough, such people still exist today. We call them assholes. However, if you wanna clean up your language or you're somewhere where the word "asshole" as a human descriptor works but would be unwelcome, then "churl" is your word. It's a great way to call someone an asshole without calling them... An asshole and we all know plenty of those.
My new boss is a complete churl.

Or: You don't have to be such a churl about it.

Or: Good luck, churlgirl.
by Gottaluvwords May 14, 2012
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Sharp, brazen individuals. A person with many skills. They are creative and superior beings and have been linked to godliness attributes.
A person should only be so lucky to be called a Churl, as they are hard people to come by.

Astrological Sign: Usually Churls are found in Pisces.
by smittenkitten32 November 12, 2009
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Guy 1: Hey man what's up

Guy 2: Nothin' bro just churling

Guy 1: What're you doing later?

Guy 2: Nothin', wanna churl?
by jccxo November 19, 2011
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Some kind of chicken-squirrel.
That crispy Churl sandwich still had some fur on it.
by Guanoman1157 June 22, 2010
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a sharp, upward pointing penis
God, that man has such a churl, Im surprised he hasnt poked his eye out yet.
by J.M., K.S., A.A., J.B. April 9, 2009
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An NSFW term relating to 'hilichurls' from a game called 'Genshin Impact'. It is where any girl is completely mindbroken and fucked by hilichurls to the point she's addicted. It is similar to the term 'Blacked', except with hilichurls. It is known to be used in hentai, especially by a well-known artist who made that one Ganyu art.

For short, it is used to describe any girls in Genshin getting fucked by hilichurls.
I saw Amber getting churled today, she looked like she was addicted to it.
by alonelymfontheinternet March 30, 2022
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Some kind of chicken-squirrel
I didn't even know churl was a word! It must be some kind of chicken-squirrel
by eisenpony June 22, 2010
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