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People from the Caucasus region of ex-Soviet Union (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc).

Churkas are usually seen as loud, pushy, insolent, and just generally repulsive.
I am sick of all these churka illegal workers invading my Russia.
by judenrat November 28, 2011
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A derogatory, racist term used by ethnic Russians in Russia in reference to the Caucasian ethnicities such as Armenians and Georgians. It basically is similar to the n-word for blacks, residing on the false idea among certain uneducated Russians that every Caucasian ethnicity south of them is dark skinned and therefore somehow genetically less intelligent, even though many of them actually have light pigmentation and ancient history under their belt. This term also throws in the trash the numerous contributions ethnicities such as the Armenians made to their most genetically superior "Christian" country under the USSR and the religious connections they have with Georgians and Armenians because they profess the Orthodox Christian faith.
"Hey Boris, look at that Churka selling his trash in our most ideologically advanced, holy country"

Boris: "But he is Armenian, weren't Artem Mikoyan and Abraham Alikhanov Armenian?"

Vladimir: "Who cares, he is a dark skinned Churka living in our land!"
by Theophilusbana July 05, 2017
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