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When there isn't enough of an alcoholic beverage to go around so you all pass it and share; when someone is too scared to get their own drink but will sip yours to fit in
Freshman: Yeah we only had one beer so we churched it
Kyle: bro it's like we're churching this beer with you all snagging it from me
Tom: they all wanted a taste of Mike's Hard Lemonade so we churched it for the experience
by Cemmop July 07, 2017
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Doing anything related to church. This includes but is not limited to: going to church, attending church, attending highschool/college group, going to Passion or other christian concerts, and serving the poor with members of the church. Someone who is in the act of churching on most occasions will not leave and is therefore useless to non-churching friends.
Alex: "Hey guys we have an extra ticket to see Iron Maiden, who should we invite?"

Travis: "Lets see if Bryan can go."

Alex: "There's no point he's too busy churching right now."
by Henry Litchford December 05, 2011
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To boast or exaggerate beyond truth. To sell beyond merit.
Dude, Darcy was totally churching you up to that little redheaded girl at the bar last night.

Jim won't stop churching up curling. It's like he's on commission.
by Mr Fuckers December 04, 2008
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To attempt the crab position whilst maintaining an erection, completely naked. The limbs become the walls, the body the ceiling and the thoroughly erect penis, becomes the steeple.
'I like to thoroughly stretch out my pelvic muscles with a good morning churching.'
by Charon92 February 13, 2017
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to proceed from one church to another, attending mass after mass, religious services, and/or basement show(s);
similar to clubbing, but of the religious variety;
also churchin';
We should totally go churching tonight: mass at 5 at St. Paul's, Confession before that at St. Leonard's, and later mewithoutYou at St. Peter's Basilica.
by xMarcox March 23, 2008
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