There's been 2 meanins made outta this
1)Chung - buff/good looking (example 1)
2) Being stoned is bein chung
1) I'm lookin to find bear chung gyals
>I want to find a very pretty girl<

2) I'm chunged out afta blazin all day
>I'm stoned afta smokin weed all day<
by leila November 01, 2003
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basically means being stoned, with puffed up eyes
have u been blazin cos u look chunged
by Merahkuching February 17, 2005
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a word describing a sexy, or very nice looking girl
man that girls chung
by fit_gash June 16, 2008
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chunged is to be stoned on drugs i.e weed or pot.

also try these words:
oi i gt chunged last waz off da hook, i cant even memba wat i did!
by heidi99 November 24, 2005
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To Chung someone or to be chunged:an act in which you raise the hopes of a person only to demean them in a matter of seconds by simply repeating the last thing said in a questioning and excited tone.
John:Hey man,do you have any gum?
Andy:Gum??:D(in an excited tone)
John:Yea!!!:D(also now excited due to your excited reaction)
Andy:no.....(in a plain tone)
John:Awwwh(now feeling demeaned)
Andy:i CHUNGED ur ass!!:D
by IronChamp April 29, 2009
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