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Someone who is considered to be the champion of chumps; this person is typically a fool who may or may not have bricks for paws and constantly offers various forms of verbal slander without providing sufficient evidence with which to corroborate their claims.
Gavin's claim that his Fantasy Football record is NOT erroneous, despite overwhelming statistical analyses, further serves to validate Tim's claim that Gavin is, in fact, a Chumpion.
by Gavin Ryan December 12, 2007
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One who has ascended to champion status through their chumphood. Through their chumpish actions they have done something which others agree with in their heart of hearts, thus rendering themselves a chumpion.
Mahir Cagri is an absolute chumpion
by Brentles November 26, 2006
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One who people think is great, but who knows in him/her self they are just a mere mortal. Chumpions can be a bit full of themselves from time to time, but they are generally pretty good people. Broadly, they are somewhere between a Champion and a Chump.
Chumpions tend to like 4WDing, Camping, and anything else that is fun.....
That guy in the cruiser over there is such a chumpion...
by Chumpion November 02, 2005
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