The first one put out of a Texas Hold 'Em tournament at least twice in a row.
We played a nice game of Hold Em last week and yes Wuba the Love Sponge Chucked Out AGAIN
by Dave36 February 28, 2006
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When smoking in a group or circle, being the first person to tap out or stop smoking.
"We were smoking last night and he was the first to back out of the circle"
"Wow. way to Chuck out..."
by Jesi122 July 5, 2009
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Chuck it out means to dispose of something that is no longer wanted. This can mean literally throwing it away or recycling or selling, but not reusing for a different purpose. It can also mean forcing an obnoxious person to leave a location.
I’m going to chuck it out, it’ll never come in handy.
by AKACroatalin February 2, 2016
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your taste in household decor is old fationed and dated
its abit chuck out your chintz
by ovation May 17, 2008
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to strategically place onesself in several different rotations of either a blunt, bong, or a bowl, only making short appearances when it is your turn to smoke, and leaving shortly after
We all knew that jim had chucked-out when he became absent minded and accidentally ended up with a blunt in each hand, and the bowl, still burning, in his lap.
by ryan habeeb December 21, 2006
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