He's dumb ,courageous and a very intellectual person. He is the definition of maturity and real, if you ever meet a Christoff cherish him.
by Real.shxxt December 21, 2016
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From a locally very famous person, Christoffer Strandberg, born in Uppsala, Sweden. Since he was so awesome a local expression arose, "As awsome as Christoffer"..

The expression continued to gain popularity in Uppsala, and later Stockholm and is now commonly used in more and more social circles around Sweden.
"Awsome like Christoffer Strandberg."
"Do it like Christoffer would."
"Almost as good as a Christoffer"
"Divine as Chris."
by Andres Paolo September 27, 2011
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An obese, Shrek-looking individual often found in temperate deciduous forested areas such as Millersburg. Generally speaking, this individual is very hypocritical. Often making fun of trends and then flamboyantly leading that trend. He is sexist, looks like Sloth from Goonies, and is the only real J Cole fan. His facial structure resembles that of a plate of spaghetti that took a punch from Mike Tyson. His horrid facial features could be compared to Jack Jeebs from Men In Black. Overall, this individual can be summed up as an atrocious person that contributes nothing to this world.
Did you see that Matt Christoff back there?
Yea, it looks like a mix between the Elephant Man and Caitlyn Jenner.
by Matt Christoff March 5, 2019
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usually a male who has a twin she- brother who's dad is suicidal.. he/she's dad has white hair and looks 70 but is actually 25. Matt stutters (for ex: ehhhh) and is really fat but thinks that everyone thinks he's cool. he wears the same clothes all the time and has a weak shoe game. man... he's gay... won't stop giving rainbows!
Kids, never grow up to be a Matt Christoff!
by ehhhh that's gay 67 April 11, 2016
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A name that is commonly known as Gaylord, but in Sweden we just say Christoffer Tsingos to let our low intelligent people know what we are talking about.
1) Wanna go on a date?
2) Aren't you a Christoffer Tsingos?
1) ....yes....
2) Then no.
by Oliverboi February 15, 2018
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When you claim to be a fan of one team but rock multiple team hats including rivals.
Dude did you see that Saints fan wearing a 49er hat? He was pulling a Christoff.
by 🤣😂🤣😂bang bang October 29, 2018
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Probably the sweetest friend you could ever have, he’s supportive and kinda hot ngl (no homo) he’s super understanding and loves you no matter how ugly you look.
Friend: I just got a bad score on the math test...
Christoffer: don’t worry I’ll help you study
by burritofenito October 15, 2018
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