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(Noun) A crisis that befalls someone named Chris, usually due to lack of planning.
Rational thinker: Why did you fly to Finland on a one-way ticket without bringing a credit card to fly back?

Chris: Simple, I was drunk.

Random Finnish person: What a Chrisis!
by mandawanda March 27, 2010
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A beautiful, sexy Queen!!! When you meet a Chrisi, you should know you met a strong,independent, IRRESISTIBLE hot momma that you wish you could get with. She’s the best in bed and has the biggest heart. If she could, she’d by a homeless bum a mansion. You will NEVER had a dull moment with Chrisi. She lights up every second of everyday with love and laughter. If you have a girl like her, HANG ON TIGHT!
“Damn! NO ONE is better then Chrisi.”

I know right?! I wanna make her mine.”
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by iamprobablyright September 29, 2018
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