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A girl who loves to have fun. But is very sensitive at times. She loves animals and shes kick ass. She loves playing games and shes awesome to be around. You'll never find a better person then a Chrisie. A Chrisie LOVES chicken! A chrisie will be very successful in life and she'll always try her best to please others. Shes a great friend and a good listener. Find a chrisie and keep her close forever.
Kelli: Hey chrisie can you get me some water?
Chrisie: Of course do you want something to eat too?
Kelli: sure thank you

Jon: Lets throw snails in the street and watch them get run over by cars.
Nick: Okay sounds really fun Jon
Chrisie: NO! dont They have lives how would you like it if you were them?
Jon: Okay were so sorry chrisie we promise never to do it again.
Nick: Yeah we love snails now. And we also LOVE chrisie!
by Zombiella March 24, 2010
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