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1. An angry theist espousing their pathetic rigmarole on an Atheist page.

2. Pathetic christian zealots who only feel powerful when posting hateful remarks on an Atheist page before leaving and never coming back to defend their own positions.

3. A christian philosophy follower who contradicts both good morals, ethics and everyday christian values by harrassing, insulting, offending and just plain making an arse(hole) of themself. :D

Word coined by the admin, Kramer on the 'Atheist

Facebook page.
Slaying ChrisTrolls is an enjoyable past time for Atheists.

That ChrisTroll really needs to take their head out of their ass and stop spamming me with John 3:16 in my inbox.
by CaptainPants April 08, 2011
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When you're flipping through radio stations and hear a song with a sick beat just to realize after a few seconds that it's Christian rock.
We kept getting Christrolled during our road trip through west Texas. Next time bring your Ipod.
by dockast February 01, 2011
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