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The man who played Black Panther. He passed few days ago.
It was fun while he lasted. RIP T-Challa and the entire Wakanda.
man i loved how he played in avengers and in black panther. RIP Chadwick Boseman.
by OIivers August 29, 2020
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No, not a gogy reference, no, shut the fuck up, no.
I own a minecraft skin with those clout glasses and some dumbfuckass said "GOGY!?"
by OIivers December 28, 2022
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is literally a burrito but healthier and has more veggies, + is turkish. Is good. Try it.
I ate Dürüm today with iceberg lettuce, onion, red onion, and beef. really tasty.
by OIivers February 1, 2022
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Prison but for Children!
If you're a parent and don't like your children, just send them there! Problem solved!
Damn my kid is so fucking annoying... I better send him to reformatory
by OIivers August 9, 2020
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the most adorable fucking chicken out there. It originates from a series called Moland and it's really, and I MEAN REALLY CUTE. It's designed in a way where you can't hate him. He's just too darn cute. have some gifs of him
by OIivers January 26, 2022
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Don't look it up. For real.
I'm not even making a joke about this, it's fucked up.
- Chris Chan DID WHAT--

- Don't
by OIivers August 8, 2021
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I am sorry but why in the name of fucking god did you search this shit up???
Just because you're bored?? if you're bored watch Jacksfilms he'll fill up your time
I just typed /.,mnbvcxz';lkjhgfdsa\poiuytrewq=-0987654321``123456t7890-=wertyuiop\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./! This is why i don't have friends!
by OIivers August 9, 2020
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