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Choudharys are also a caste in Pakistan, they are the highest caste (land lords). Pakistan has adopted the caste system right from its independence from India. Other high castes include Rajah.
choudharys are so awesome and kind-hearted people NOT SNOBBISH.
omg i wish i was just like that choudhary!
by marybabalakashaka December 31, 2008
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A pissy class of people from northern part of Indian / Pakistan, usually very ill mannered, uneducated and backward in approach to life. They think highly of themselves and look down at the other people. You can usually tell a Choudhary by the they talk and how the brag about what they have and how big their house is back home. They are usually very tight and controlling.
What a buch of "Choudharies" they are

he/she must be Choudhary they he/she is acting
by Sajid Mir June 04, 2008
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