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Term used for a generic chain restaurant staffed by twenty-somethings in goofy uniforms. Decor of restaurant should include various stock photos, signs and knick knacks in order to establish a "fun" atmosphere. Derived from the film Office Space. Examples include Applebee's, Chili's, Bennigan's.
John: I'm so sick of those goddamned greasy McDonald's hamburgers.

Rachel: Want to hit a Chotchkie's?

John: Ugh...I guess.
by RRBA January 21, 2006
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The restaurant from Office Space where employees have to have a minimum of 15 pieces of flair.
"Hey guys wanna go to Chotchkies get some coffee?"
by seth February 10, 2004
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This word is a nown used to identify objects that otherwise have no designation. Chotchky is usually used to describe objects that resemble angled geometric shapes.
"That collage is full of little chotchkies." or, "Hey! Grab me that chotchky over there."
by Wonderboythedave May 27, 2008
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