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A British term for someone who is a fan of Upskirt pictures. They do not themselves take upskirt pictures but do endeavour to support and encourage the taking of such pictures. They may also use such pictures for mastabatory purposes.
Christopher is a chope, he's too timid to take upskirt shots of girls but he loves looking at them.
by KarlWS June 16, 2018
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A term used to refer to out-of-touch old (typically straight/white) males whose sheer disconnect with contemporary society threatens to send them to an aneurysm-induced early grave. The only thing keeping them from shuffling off this mortal coil is a mix of their utter terror of dying having lived such an irrelevant existence, manic willpower induced by a potentially dementia-addled brain, and their passion for sniffing and photographing female underwear.
See that elderly gentleman over there? The one who's crawling on the ground taking photos of women while chattering to himself? Total chope, hands down.
by VenomX June 18, 2018
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A Chope is a creature of such great ignorance that they think they are still living in the 19th Century. They believe women should be chained to a sink, small children should be sent up chimneys, and that the working class should be sterilised and kept in ghettos. Also an acceptable substitution for the word cunt and can be used as such in polite company. Derived from Tory MP, Christopher Chope, who blocked a law to make the taking of upskirt photos illegal, as well as voting against equal marriage, equal pay, and banning wild animals in circuses.
My manager refused to give me time off for my gran's funeral, he is a total Chope .

That Chope told me I should not be allowed to marry because I am gay
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The act of surreptitiously taking photos up a woman's skirt without her permission or knowledge. Also known as upskirting

Named after the Tory MP Christopher Chope, a prominent back bench bellend who blocked a law that would have made upskirting illegal.
"You got caught choping that girl by her boyfriend, dude, and now you're fucked."

"Don't chope dude, it's really creepy and wrong"
by Laz Lunar June 17, 2018
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The act of upskirt filming an unwitting, and unwilling woman.
"Hey, check out my new iphone, I'm out on the Chope tonight!"

Have you seen Dave? Yeah the dirty cunt is going chopeing with his new phone
by Mike Hunt78 June 17, 2018
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An out of touch and ignorant person, one who enjoys a position of power and privilege in society and employment but rarely listens to the opinions and thoughts of others who are not exactly the same as them, causing conflict, difficulty, embarrassment and strife in many matters for the people they are supposed to work for.

Mostly associated with political parties of dubious ethics and utter disregard for all members of society who are not wealthy white men, with the exception of female royalty.
'Did you see the news that the Conservative Party has finally sacked that idiot Chope guy that was holding back any kind of legislative progress and even they thought was nuts?' 'Thank fuck for that.'
by Howell Pendragon June 17, 2018
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The act of reserving your place.
Commonly used in Singapore to refer to the practice of reserving a table in a hawker centre by leaving a packet of tissues on the table.
Wah.. cannot chope with a basket!
by n4blue February 08, 2011
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