A place where stolen cars are disassembled for parts that are then sold.
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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Had to take Sandy to the chop shop to get that taken care off
by khny212 March 13, 2009
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Oh man, you got her preggo and you ain’t got the dough to raise the damn little thing? Get her to the chop shop, ASAP!!!
by Duck nose January 10, 2019
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(n.) A garage that specialises in buying hot (recently stolen) cars and disassembling them to sell the parts individually, where they are vitually untraceable. Many parts will find themselves in west Africa, where they are then sold across the internet witht he claim that they were taken from wrecks. Since the laws regarding reporting wrecks in this part of the world are somewhat obscure, and unco-operative witht he rest of the world, reclaiming the parts, even if you can prove it is yours is very difficult.
The convertable BMW 3.25 was stolen in the early hours of the morning and is probably in a chop shop by now.
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
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n. A really inexpensive nail salon, usually owned and operated by unlicensed people. These people are also usually uneducated on how to properly clean their tools. You will often get a nail fungus on your big toe from getting a pedicure at one of these establishments, which is why it's weird that they're always so busy. People are cheap.

adj. The kind of services or infections or diseases you can receive from this kind of salon.
n. "my finger is bleeding because the guy at the chop shop cut a chunk of my skin out when he was removing the cuticle. i hope i don't get tetanus."

adj. "where can i go get a frickin mani and pedi without contracting some kind of chop shop fungus?!"
by Marilyn Monroe Pose October 19, 2011
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A phrase used on Wall Street to describe a firm that hires new graduates, works them like slaves for a few years (ie. 100hrs+ a week), and then once they've exhausted their use kicks them out the door.
I'm not too sure about Houlihan in the Minneapolis office. As a whole, the firm is respected and has a great presence in the middle market, but I've heard it's quite a chop shop.
by Zweihander-FA July 1, 2010
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Cheap place to get your hair cut.
Hey girl, what happened to your hair?

My bank account was low so I had to go to a Chop-Shop to get it cut.
by Red-headed Rocker May 1, 2010
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