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Aussie slang for boost pressure from a turbocharger. Made famous by the Youtube show Mighty Car Mods guys Marty and Moog.
Marty's MX5 has some mad choo-choo

Moog's Forester got a new turbo, giving it a bit more choo-choo
by Dannydabaker December 20, 2013
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(verb) to run a train as by multiple males having intercourse with one female

(noun) the act of running a train on a female
Let's choo choo that bitch! Chuch!

Troy's never once been in a choo choo.
by Lenny Presley June 09, 2007
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Animated cat from 60's cartoon, 'Top Cat'. Choo Choo is Top Cat's right hand man. Definitely the cutest cat of the gang. Never seen without his tight white shirt.
Top Cat: "Hey Choo Choo, do you ever take off that tight white shirt of yours?"

Choo Choo: "Nope. Eating breakfast = tight white shirt. Playing tennis = tight white shirt. Sleeping = tight white shirt. Having sex = tight white shirt."
by Isn'tThisColeslaw August 09, 2009
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A large fuck train on which people alternater being on their knees and standing while doing doggy style
Last night at this orgy we did the choochoo for a whole hour!!!
by urrbrotherfromanothermother March 18, 2008
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