when a girl gathers a bunch of guys and has sex with them one after another
oh dayam! bree got on that choo choo train last night? what a slut!
by nibbs July 18, 2006
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When you begin by gently fisting your partner, imitating the connecting road of a steam train(link from the engine to the wheels). Slowly picking up speed much like a train itself. Once you have reached maximum speed you can manage, you yell CHOO CHOO, spouting two glorious arks of semen vertically in the air to mimic the puff of steam.
I Choo-Choo Trained my girlfriend so hard last night, she loved it, she didn't stop screaming the whole time.
by Fohgrham May 29, 2018
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When a dude fucks a girl, while she bangs another girl with a strap on.....

the center chick could also be swapped for a tranny.
Our threeway quickly escalated to a Choo choo Train. We didn't finish until the train hit the station
by Good times all the time May 07, 2017
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When two homosexuals choose to play the rodent game (sticking a rodent into one's bum) and they put a tube between the two, the partner with the rodent inside him farts in order to try and get the rodent to run into his partner's bum.
Wow! did you see that hamster run from Frank's bum to Steves? that was quite a choo choo train
by synister shadows April 25, 2006
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