A group sex activity where four males use their penises to form a cross around a female's breasts and the female uses her feet, mouth, and one ear to stimulate male ejaculation from all four parties.
Carolee: How drunk was I last night?

Collin: You, me, and three of my buds all got into an 88 Choo-Choo Train, it was awesome.

Carolee: Is that why my ear hurts?
by superbros June 24, 2011
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The act of defecating on ones chest while wearing a conductors hat and having them yell "CHOO CHOO" while strangling ones throat and having ones canine observe.
John and I were making love when I suddenly felt a warm substance on my chest and I heard him yell "CHOO CHOO"!! I think he just performed a "Chocolate Choo Choo Train" because he was wearing his conductors hat and he made my dog Nibbles stay in the room.
by Phill McHunt May 21, 2010
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fisting a man or woman above your head with both hands, rapidly inserting one fist and removing it before inserting the other
I gave Stephanie a ride on the Tennessee choo-choo train last night.
by the nightman cometh September 25, 2013
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It’s when a girl takes a hit of her vape then sucks a mans dick and proceeds to blow said vape into the males dick hole.
Nick: yo I got UTI because my girl gave me a reverse choo choo train

Rob: damn that shit wack man
by Coolfrogawesome2 November 08, 2020
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To be pegged and spoon fed semen by a dominant female partner or "mommy"
Damn, she sure gave me a Choo Choo Train last night
by The dripster March 05, 2021
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