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Suffixes: Choinky, Choinkle.

1. A person whose personality is that of cheesy and absurd.

2. A scenario that is unpleasant, cheesy, and absurd.

(Frustrating and Cringy)
Example 1. Why is the acting in this movie so Choinky.

Example 2. Why do you have to be such a Choink.

Example 3. Can you stop acting less idiotic you Choinkle.
by Choinkle of Guy March 25, 2019
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1. to steal, snatch or take.
(usually in a playfull manner)

-related terms:
choinkable (adjective)
choinker (noun)
choinkingly (adverb)
example 1. I am choinking your black Ticonderoga HB pencil.

example 2. I will choink your cookies and milk.

example 3. Pirates choinked his treasure.
by CharlieChoinkVerb December 20, 2006
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A choink is a very respectable group of middle aged men. They have a 3 foot long cock that they use to destroy the world. They hate nigger, spics, and Arabs. They will burn you at stake if they find out you a doink(doink- arch nemesis of choink)
They choink master is waiting for you at the rape fest
by Choink Master Nolan March 21, 2019
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