The greatest White Rapper to ever live.. Useually found in the nothern states like Wisconsin or Minessota, he will out rap you any time of the day and at all parties.. all the ladies love chocolate ice and all the guys are scared of him
That dude just chocolate iced that bitch
by ImAMaverick June 1, 2011
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When one chick takes a dump in another chick's mouth with most still hanging out. Then the man drags his sack across the mouth full of shit and drops his bag in the other girl's mouth, giving her a nice chocolate ice cream cone
Tim: I had Tina and Kim so sprung during our threesome last night I ended up giving Kim a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.
Alex: I Tina enjoyed the taste of Kim's shit as much as Kim did.
by TheDiscoDonger October 18, 2013
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The best ice-cream flavour in the world, that all cool people love.
Anyone who does not like Mint Chocolate Ice Cream has no life.
The Creator of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream is a genius worthy of Einstein.
Person A: Omg. I LOVE Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.
Person B: Awesome, then you're just as cool as me. As in EXTREMELY COOL.
Person C: Eww. I hate Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.
Person A&B: You. Suck. *Shuns Person C*
by Michellomon May 3, 2009
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When Yall Having Anal and u pleasure her so much she shits on your dick and you bust a nut at the same time
Bruh last night my bae was over and we put the cream on the chocolate ice cream damn that shit made me feel sick
by BigCJimmy December 6, 2019
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Inserting mint ice cream into the rectum of your partner with the intention of committing anal sex.
Why does it smell so minty when you fart?
Billy gave me a Mint Chocolate Ice Cream last night.
How was it?
by AlnisPat November 29, 2015
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When a girl or boy gets fucked by a Persian guy and he pulls out with shit on his dick. And another girl/boy licks the shit off Persian guys dick.
Gentile: I had an amazing double dutch chocolate ice cream last night with 2 hot Persian boys!
Joey: You have some serious fucking issues man.
by Hot sweaty 6 year old ass October 15, 2015
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