A member of the Ravenclaw house in Harry Potter, who was one year ahead of Harry in school. She was also noted for being an incredible Quiddich player. Chang used a Comet 260 broom.
Cho Chang owned everyone in the Quiddich match.
by ChemicalGoat May 19, 2009
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Any girl who's super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot.
Guy 1: I heard you hooked up with Lindy last night.
Guy 2: Yeah, she's a total Cho Chang.
by clamcake July 26, 2009
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better be hot in the movies, because the way they talk her up in the books I better crap myself when she appears in the movies she's so hot
They can never find a girl as hot as Cho Chang is depicted, and the movies will leave me disappointed again
by Justin December 3, 2004
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(v) To refuse an invitation to a formal event because of a prior engagement, but state your interest and proceed to passionately hookup with the offerer in a magical setting.
I really wanted to go to prom with Grant, but Stan had already asked me, so I had to Cho Chang it with Grant.
by Diman227 May 18, 2010
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The act of kissing a girl while she cries, tears running down her cheeks
I Cho Changed her and her face was as wet as her pussy
by MattSkeetzz October 21, 2008
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Cho Chang was a girl Harry Potter dated. Most Harry Potter fans hate her because she ,as some say, was overly sensitive and cried a lot. She cried over the loss of her boyfriend ,Cedric Diggory, but this makes her human for griefing . She wasn't like Ginny Weasley ,who in my opinion is kind of a b*tch , who often threw hexes towards people and who was a classic Mary Sue ,pretty,smart ,funny and popular,who could do no wrong to no one. Cho Chang is strong ,despite what other people may say.
Cho Chang is not weak. She is even stronger for having to endure the loss of her boyfriend.
by Lottiexo March 21, 2018
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The best quote out of part 2 of act 1 in "A Very Potter Musical". This causes Ron to call Ginny, who greets an asian girl as Cho, a 'racist sister'.
Three girls: Cho Chang, happy happy new year, Cho Chang, gong hey fat choy...

Ginny: Cho Chang! Mah name iz Ginnee Weaslee, it iz verie nice to meet youh!

Asian: Bitch I ain't Cho Chang
by Fryen Pan December 1, 2009
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